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What a year it has been for the CX and technology space, as the world grapples with socio-economic challenges across the globe. CX leaders were put to the test – from managing internal business uncertainties and cost-cutting measures to delighting customers with greater, more targeted demands. Held on 19 – 20 October 2023, CX Africa 2023 welcomed over 1600+ CX leaders from across the Africa. These CX leaders engaged in intriguing discussions on Championing Customer Intelligence & Loyalty to Do More with Less. On top of case studies and thought-provoking panel discussions, our attendees also took networking to the next level with our speed networking sessions and interactive discussion groups.

In this report, you will find more highlights from CX Africa Week 2023, insights into our audience and more. Thank you for joining us once again, and we look forward to welcoming you again in 2024!

Keynote and Main Stage

Our best-in-class keynotes connect delegates to the latest conversations the African CX ecosystem with leading global speakers and thought leaders.

The Main stage content includes insight into the complexities and opportunities for improving the performance of organisations by enhancing customer satisfaction and CX.

  • Personalisation and customer-centricity
  • Omnichannel experiences and digital transformation
  • Emotional engagement and human connection
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Continuous learning and agile CX
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) strategies and feedback management
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Optimisation
  • CX Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Trends and insights in CX data analysis
  • Leveraging data for personalised customer experiences


Discover best practices, case studies, and potential challenges associated with adopting and adapting to CX technologies.

Solution providers with expertise in CX technology offer insights on implementation and share trends and data to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of CX and make informed decisions to drive exceptional customer experiences.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in CX
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Employee Experience (EX) and its impact on CX
  • Social Media Listening and Online Reputation Management
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs
  • CX Technology and Tools: CRM, CX platforms, chatbots, etc.
  • Service Design and Innovation in CX
  • Personalised Marketing and Customer Engagement
  • Trends and insights from CX research and consultancy
  • Data-driven strategies for improving customer experiences